RFJB Coaching

Our Philosophy


River Falls Youth Bowling includes a team of coaches who love the sport of bowling. 

On Wed afternoons & Sat mornings, we work with our youth bowlers - regardless of skill level. Amongst our many priorities, our primary goal is ensuring that all youth league bowlers have the best experience possible.

In order to do reach this goal, our Coaches start each session off with a new drill. 

The drills maybe a simple as how to use the proper bowling etiquette or scorekeeping ...

all the way up to how to read the oil patterns and picking up spares.

After the drills, the kids assemble with their teams and start their league match. 

During each weekly match, the coaches will assist the kids to make sure they are seeing improvement and striving for success. 

We understand each child has a different experience level and has different goals, so we try to match our coaching to their level.


Becoming an RFJB Coach

RFJB Volunteer Program


The River Falls Junior Bowling bylaws state

that all volunteer coaches must complete:

 USBC Registered Volunteer Program, SafeSport Training & a Background Check.

It is essential for the RFJB board to maintain a safe and professional atmosphere for our youth bowlers. The USBC Registered Volunteer Program is designed to safeguard youth members and protect all those who are involved in USBC Youth Bowling programs.

Upon completion of the USBC RVP, the RFJB board will give the final go-ahead to add you to our roster of coaches - thus allowing you to work with the youth bowlers on the approaches.

Background Check – $25 (reimbursed by league)

Electronic copy of front and back of Driver’s License needed to upload during process.

Interested in becoming a USBC Certified Coach?


 Level I Online Coaching Certification - $49 

Must be pre-approved by RFJB Board for reimbursement eligibility.



Proof of completion and receipt required for reimbursement.

Becoming a Registered Volunteer

Follow this link to become a

Registered Volunteer: